First spline generation

So we decided to ditch the track-type generation since having a generation based on a spline and objects along that one would be a lot smoother. After trying to figure out how to make not even generate at the point  bezier spline, I found an easier algorithm: the Catmull-Rom curve. which made it possible to just define controlpoints and the curve is calculated in sections along that curve, it’s a bit more performance heavy but it is a lot easier to generate randomly. Right now I have made the base script for the curve, a proof of concept generator (just uses random positions) and a very simple 1-way spline mover script. We plan on having the generation more smooth by value tweaking and maybe a little change in algorithm and make objects spawn along the spline. The player movement will also have the spline as mid-point so we can just work with offset changing for that. Here is a litle gif showing a generated spline and the walker script.



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