Let it glow.. let it glow.

Improved the existing particles systems.

the beams have thinner particles now. And an orb to match the center.
the forcefields have a white inner glow now that can be changed.


I worked on the particle effects of the orb this week.
This uses 3 velocity axis to create a 3d circular motion.
This is done with sine lines. that folow a certain direction so the paricles always come back to the middle. and have a  nice flow.


I also did part of the visuals of the UI. the healthbar and the ammo bar.
and have some ideas for the menu.




This week I wanted to go a bit slower, so I stopped the game.

Added in a pause menu that makes it clear that the game is paused so I made it greyish. This was achieved by using postprocessing and setting saturation to 0.Pause_Menu

Added the fancy shield particle. At first there was a slight bug with the shield that if you went through a sphere you would still get hit as the boxcolliders of different obstacles overlap in the middle. So I fixed it by giving you an invincibilty when the shield gets destroyed. This is only a for a very small amount of time as we do not want to enable them to not get hit by the next obstacle.Shield_Invincible

Also did some restructuring in the spawning scripts so it all spawns and despawns correctly. Also added the rotation back in there as a little bonus. 🙂

Skybox, Environment Meshes and Laser Particles

This week I mostly focused on environment. I made a custom cubemap to use as a skybox for our game, which is less dark then the one we used before.


I also made some environment meshes to make the game less empty.  For now, they have a texture that is not yet finished, i still want to have some neon grid lines or neon windows on them.

Screenshot (348)

Lastly I made some changes to the laser obstacles, because they didnt look quite good yet. I played around with the particle systems and came up with this:

electricityorb glow

Working under the hood

This week was another week of working under the hood. I (with the help of Leander) changed the way the pickups spawn, based on Jen’s new view distance render system. Because of this change, we had to revamp the spawn system, and redo it completely. It took us a while, but after a couple of hours, we finally got it working.
I also redid the pickups. They now have a base class Pickups, and the specific items inherit from that class. This way, all the “magnet” behaviour is done in the base class, but the object specific behaviour is done in the inherited class (Adding score, getting shield, etc). This will make new items easier to implement in the future.

Last week we some feedback that we applied as well. Score is no longer the ammo for the lasers, we now have a separate ammo bar that is shown on the UI.
Another piece of feedback we got was that our UI should follow the player, instead of being static in the corners of the screen, since a player is not able to look at those corners when going at high-speed. I implemented this too, together with some new UI assets made by our artist Jakob.

The UI now follows the player and looks like this:

The bar on the left is health, and the bar on the right is ammo.

Continuous spawn and delete on spline, Environment spawning, Better sound managing.

This week was a productive one. We had a bottleneck on the spawning of our objects on our spline, since we spawned all objets at once there was an fps drop every reset and at startup. To fix this I have made trhe spawning of the walls work so it continuously creates and deletes the objects that are in a cenrtain range of the player. This makes it less heavy for unity to reneder the eleements and has the nice added effect of having particles fade/in correctly. We found the environment with just a skybox a bit empty so I added an envi9ronment spawner, this makes it feel a lot less empty and adds the arcade feel we wanted even more. Th eenvironment uses randomization to generate certain city-skyline meshes around the spline. This little gif below shows off the spawn and respawn of the objects and the city folowing the spline.


I also update the soundManager to get rid of a bugthat kept playing sound when muted and added a Volume for later use in the options screen.

forcefield texture, shield and lightning particles

lightning particle effect. made with trail renderer. made a smalled particle explained.jpg

The forcefield texture. Had to draw a line. then add the wind filter. duplicate this 3 times.

Put this in adobe illustrator and  warp direction to get half a circular  noise effect.

circular forcefield_Explanation.jpg

Shield explained.jpg

Forcefield added to the spaceship. tried to keep this subtle. still have to add particle effects to this. but I am struggling a lot with the particles.