Camera issues: 3D game on a 2D plane – Laser Solution

We’re facing a difficult problem in our prototype: our game is a 3D game on a 2D plane. This means that it’s hard to see how far objects are from the ship. After talking to the teachers, they recommended that we all come up with an idea to solve this, so that’s exactly what we’re doing. I decided to try out a laser in front of the ship. This laser just follows the forward vector, but it gives the player an idea of where he’s going.  We could later also use these as a crosshair, if we want a shooting mechanic .
This is what the lasers look like with a simple Debug.DrawLine:

After play testing, the conclusion is that it helps, but not too much. Our main issue is vertical movement.


In the gif, you can also see Leander’s headlight solution, which he will explain in a later blogpost.


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