So let’s get right into this.

Like Brian mentioned in an earlier blogpost we got the feedback that our camera wasn’t good because we had some problems with 2D-3D perspective.

The teachers told us to get some different camera options and combine/pick the one we liked the most.

The first one is just like our original camera but has no angle on itself and starts on the same x and y-axis like the ship.Camera_Test1

In this example the camera just straight up follows the player, personally I don’t like this one at all it feels weird if you go to the sides. Then the game isn’t centered on your screen.Camera_Test2

In the third example the camera only slightly follows the player, it is a combination of one and two. It follows the player but at half the speed so the further you get from your original position the bigger the gap between your ship and the camera becomes.Camera_Test3

The last one is our original Camera but we added headlights to give more depth in our game. We all like this so we made it standard in every camera option.Camera_Test4

We still need to come together to decide on what we will use though.


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