Continuous spawn and delete on spline, Environment spawning, Better sound managing.

This week was a productive one. We had a bottleneck on the spawning of our objects on our spline, since we spawned all objets at once there was an fps drop every reset and at startup. To fix this I have made trhe spawning of the walls work so it continuously creates and deletes the objects that are in a cenrtain range of the player. This makes it less heavy for unity to reneder the eleements and has the nice added effect of having particles fade/in correctly. We found the environment with just a skybox a bit empty so I added an envi9ronment spawner, this makes it feel a lot less empty and adds the arcade feel we wanted even more. Th eenvironment uses randomization to generate certain city-skyline meshes around the spline. This little gif below shows off the spawn and respawn of the objects and the city folowing the spline.


I also update the soundManager to get rid of a bugthat kept playing sound when muted and added a Volume for later use in the options screen.


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