Working under the hood

This week was another week of working under the hood. I (with the help of Leander) changed the way the pickups spawn, based on Jen’s new view distance render system. Because of this change, we had to revamp the spawn system, and redo it completely. It took us a while, but after a couple of hours, we finally got it working.
I also redid the pickups. They now have a base class Pickups, and the specific items inherit from that class. This way, all the “magnet” behaviour is done in the base class, but the object specific behaviour is done in the inherited class (Adding score, getting shield, etc). This will make new items easier to implement in the future.

Last week we some feedback that we applied as well. Score is no longer the ammo for the lasers, we now have a separate ammo bar that is shown on the UI.
Another piece of feedback we got was that our UI should follow the player, instead of being static in the corners of the screen, since a player is not able to look at those corners when going at high-speed. I implemented this too, together with some new UI assets made by our artist Jakob.

The UI now follows the player and looks like this:

The bar on the left is health, and the bar on the right is ammo.


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