I started messing around with the button/UI options to explore what is possible. Everything is done in a seperate scene. I will now start to implement it in the main_menu scene/pause/end_menu to give our game a nice wrapping and make it feel nice even before you start playing.Menus_Animation


When all else fails, use particles

I worked on making the pickups more visible in the game, since that was another issue we had when other people wanted to play our game.

I first started creating new meshes, thought to make a neon material and tried to play with the emission, but that did not work at all.

I finally decided to use particle systems for the pickups, a choice I perhaps should have made a few weeks ago, because it definitly looks a whole lot better.

Pick ups


More variaty in environment and lag fixing.

This week I set a task to fix the lag problems we had with the game, most of it was code-based so I went ahead and edited the most source tacking parts, we now have an increase of 20 fps! I also made the environment more random so it does not feel like you are going through an endless city that does not change. e.g. below:



More hoodwork

This week was another slow week, despite what I said last week about full throttle. Due to the Ludum Dare gamejam, I missed the weekend to focus on this project. When I did have some time, I continued working on files on the hood, shuffling code to managers and changing publics to privates.

Since it was all hoodwork, I don’t have any pictures to showcase, so I decided to visualize our repository with!

Parking station

The Idea of flying through random rings at the start was a bit dull, So getting a parking station for the spaceship to start with is a better Idea then a random flying ship! to go hunting for the famous cake at the end!


For the design of the spacestation I chose for a more round form to get more complemetary with the rings where you have to get through! still A basic blockout, but have to start from somewhere ! 😀