UI sprites and environment

These few weeks I worked on the sprites for the menus

Menu1 Gif.gifI also made sprites for the different achievements we are going to have in the game:

For the environment I made some textures to have a neon surface in game, it doesnt look good yet, but we are getting there.

Screenshot (485)


UI, achievements?

I worked on the UI in general, trying to get everything nice and in place.

Also worked on an achievement system, it works but I came across a nasty unity bug: it gives NaN in all positions/anchors when it was disabled and enabled. So Trying to get that fixed but that bug seems to be present for about 3years now and still not fixed.

GP_UITestingAlso started on the garage feature but couldn’t proceed because of the bug that showed himself as I already wrote about.

Garage refinement.

Made a new logo for the game! was needed, getting the neon/ sci fi  feeling a bit more ready!Logo2

Upload of the ship and garage on sketchfab!


Gettin closer to finishing the main menu. added a simple smoke effect, new logo is added.
Now that I remodeled and unwrapped the full garage this week now.
I’ve got the focus more on the ship now. and heading up to the exams.
I also edited the rainbowscript to a pulsing blue colored script (thanks to the tip of michelle). we also played around with some post processing.garage_finishing.jpg

Neolit Low Poly Spaceship 4
by jakob_van_damme
on Sketchfab



I spent much time on optimization and cleanup. We’ve gained a 30% performance increase by optimization! This puts us at a stable 200-250 FPS, if not more, in the editor.

I also made the bullet time pickup less random. Well, it’s still random, but when the pickup spawns, the spawnrate of obstacles is raised to 100%! This means the player really has to get those, or he’ll have a very hard time dodging all those obstacles.



Cool new terrain, Almost fixed errors in tunnel and settings, lots of settings

This week I did A bunch, trying to catch up with the time I lost trying the geometry shader which does not work in webgl. Apparently. So I made an improvement to my previous terrain from heightmap loader and it now looks decent enough and has no cpu impact whatsoever.

I also worked on my tunnel fixing my uv’s still not quite there but already making progress.
I also added settings, lot’s and lot’s off settings:
Sound volume, Effect Volume, Mute, FOV, Render distance, VSync, AA, Resolution, Full screen and, by importing a Standalone browser and playing with it, a Background Music File Loader.

These are all functional in both webGL and the Editor except for the resolution… since webGL does not allow unity to read the resolution data it gathers. A litte video showing the UI with settings.


refined/ basic unwrapped the garage.
I Also wrote a small rainbowscript to get a variation in the background.

it uses the emissive of the material. so it gets more the lit neon effect in the environement.rainbow.gif



achievement spaceships are finally textured! now working on some trims for the buildings/ garage. getting things a little bit more defined.


Added the new Obstacle: Grids.

They come in different kinds of shapes and they have a little mechanic. The big grids have an 80% change to spawn with a destroy orb, if you shoot that orb the corresponding lasers will be destroyed and make a bigger space to get through.

Also started on some UI for pickups but as you can see atm, I’m far from done and I also miss the sprites for it atm, still need to ask the artists for some good concepts.

Fixed a slight bug that when you died you could bug the game out with the esc key so that when you were dead you could actually still play.

Looked into the boxcollider problem where he sometimes does not register when you are moving too fast. Was planning to solve it with a characterController but that won’t be possible as I cannot get the right shape. So need to look into continuos collision detection or  raycasting.Grid_UIStart.gif