Added the new Obstacle: Grids.

They come in different kinds of shapes and they have a little mechanic. The big grids have an 80% change to spawn with a destroy orb, if you shoot that orb the corresponding lasers will be destroyed and make a bigger space to get through.

Also started on some UI for pickups but as you can see atm, I’m far from done and I also miss the sprites for it atm, still need to ask the artists for some good concepts.

Fixed a slight bug that when you died you could bug the game out with the esc key so that when you were dead you could actually still play.

Looked into the boxcollider problem where he sometimes does not register when you are moving too fast. Was planning to solve it with a characterController but that won’t be possible as I cannot get the right shape. So need to look into continuos collision detection or  raycasting.Grid_UIStart.gif


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