Garage refinement.

Made a new logo for the game! was needed, getting the neon/ sci fi  feeling a bit more ready!Logo2

Upload of the ship and garage on sketchfab!

Gettin closer to finishing the main menu. added a simple smoke effect, new logo is added.
Now that I remodeled and unwrapped the full garage this week now.
I’ve got the focus more on the ship now. and heading up to the exams.
I also edited the rainbowscript to a pulsing blue colored script (thanks to the tip of michelle). we also played around with some post processing.garage_finishing.jpg

Neolit Low Poly Spaceship 4
by jakob_van_damme
on Sketchfab




refined/ basic unwrapped the garage.
I Also wrote a small rainbowscript to get a variation in the background.

it uses the emissive of the material. so it gets more the lit neon effect in the environement.rainbow.gif



achievement spaceships are finally textured! now working on some trims for the buildings/ garage. getting things a little bit more defined.

Achievements! Gatter all ships!

Garage post-process update and texture of 1 spaceship. (Fight Cube).
Still have to change the color of the ship, but this was a test to get the neon feel in the ship. This can be changed easily in unity self.


This week I made 5unique low poly ships that fit the artguide and the style.
One of the ships is Textured. now I got used to the pen tool, It’s easy to texture the other ones. and I can get different pattern easily.


All of the spaceships got a hole in the ship, except for the base neolit ship. so you have to gather points to get the new, more designed ones.

5_Ships models.jpg

All modeled and unwrapped, so now it gets time to texture them!





Parking station

The Idea of flying through random rings at the start was a bit dull, So getting a parking station for the spaceship to start with is a better Idea then a random flying ship! to go hunting for the famous cake at the end!


For the design of the spacestation I chose for a more round form to get more complemetary with the rings where you have to get through! still A basic blockout, but have to start from somewhere ! 😀

menu concept


this  I held myself busy with the main menu concept thumb3.jpg

the feedback said that the player should get more feedback closer to the edges. so made a damaged spaceship particle system. test.gif

And last of all I fixed some textures.

Let it glow.. let it glow.

Improved the existing particles systems.

the beams have thinner particles now. And an orb to match the center.
the forcefields have a white inner glow now that can be changed.


I worked on the particle effects of the orb this week.
This uses 3 velocity axis to create a 3d circular motion.
This is done with sine lines. that folow a certain direction so the paricles always come back to the middle. and have a  nice flow.


I also did part of the visuals of the UI. the healthbar and the ammo bar.
and have some ideas for the menu.