UI sprites and environment

These few weeks I worked on the sprites for the menus

Menu1 Gif.gifI also made sprites for the different achievements we are going to have in the game:

For the environment I made some textures to have a neon surface in game, it doesnt look good yet, but we are getting there.

Screenshot (485)


Neon Textures and Loading screen

I finally realized how to make the obstacles fit in the style of the game and really give them a neon effect. So far I’ve noticed i can only texture transparant objects this way, but when applying this method to the ship, it has less great results.

Here i made a gridlike neon texture for an obstacle.

Screenshot (448)

We also wanted to show the controls when the game is loading, so i made two loading screens that will be implemented later:


controls loading menu

also working on a grid texture for the tunnel


Thruster Fix

Since last week we noticed that the thruster particles were all over the place, i decided to change them so that we could finally check that off the list as well.

particle thruster

They are now a lot more blocky and are much more visible than the ones before.

particle in game

I also started to make some new obstacles, mainly to force the ship to rotate and move a lot more.


When all else fails, use particles

I worked on making the pickups more visible in the game, since that was another issue we had when other people wanted to play our game.

I first started creating new meshes, thought to make a neon material and tried to play with the emission, but that did not work at all.

I finally decided to use particle systems for the pickups, a choice I perhaps should have made a few weeks ago, because it definitly looks a whole lot better.

Pick ups


Explosion Particles + New Obstacles

These two weeks I mostly worked on other deadlines, but I worked on some stuff that was mentioned in the feedback after our classmates playtested the game.

Since there was still no real visual feedback when lasers got destroyed by the ship, I made an explosion particle to make this clearer.

Explosion (1)

And there were also some obstacles needed that should force the player to use the rolling mechanic so i made a grid of lasers that would give the desired effect.

Screenshot (353)

Skybox, Environment Meshes and Laser Particles

This week I mostly focused on environment. I made a custom cubemap to use as a skybox for our game, which is less dark then the one we used before.


I also made some environment meshes to make the game less empty.  For now, they have a texture that is not yet finished, i still want to have some neon grid lines or neon windows on them.

Screenshot (348)

Lastly I made some changes to the laser obstacles, because they didnt look quite good yet. I played around with the particle systems and came up with this:

electricityorb glow