This is the final blog post, here is the trailer of our game:


UI, achievements?

I worked on the UI in general, trying to get everything nice and in place.

Also worked on an achievement system, it works but I came across a nasty unity bug: it gives NaN in all positions/anchors when it was disabled and enabled. So Trying to get that fixed but that bug seems to be present for about 3years now and still not fixed.

GP_UITestingAlso started on the garage feature but couldn’t proceed because of the bug that showed himself as I already wrote about.

Menu’s and Playerfeedback

So I implemented what I did last week into the game now. There seems something to be wrong though. The buttons only work if you use a controller at the moment so I need to fix that. And I still need to hook up the setting menu to actual game settings.

The garage and achievements still need to be done as well, but I didn’t do that atm as we do not have the code for those things yet.

I also made it a bit cooler, the ship now rotates and we can rotate it with the controller as well.Main_Menu_01.gif

I also when ahead and gave the player some feedback if he hits the edges: Sparks yay. Feel like the damage the player gets is too much so I might wanna tweak that a bit. Same for the particles, they might be revamped to make them more clear.


Also fixed a camera bug, if you went to the edge and still tried to go past it the camera would do what you asked and leave the ship behind, this has been solved as you can see in the gif above. Even if your ship is at the edge and you try to keep going the camera won’t follow and keep to the ship.

I also looked into adding more obstacles but got a bit bummed out when it wasn’t going as expected so you will have to look forward to that next week.

Thruster Fix

Since last week we noticed that the thruster particles were all over the place, i decided to change them so that we could finally check that off the list as well.

particle thruster

They are now a lot more blocky and are much more visible than the ones before.

particle in game

I also started to make some new obstacles, mainly to force the ship to rotate and move a lot more.


Explosion Particles + New Obstacles

These two weeks I mostly worked on other deadlines, but I worked on some stuff that was mentioned in the feedback after our classmates playtested the game.

Since there was still no real visual feedback when lasers got destroyed by the ship, I made an explosion particle to make this clearer.

Explosion (1)

And there were also some obstacles needed that should force the player to use the rolling mechanic so i made a grid of lasers that would give the desired effect.

Screenshot (353)

Let it glow.. let it glow.

Improved the existing particles systems.

the beams have thinner particles now. And an orb to match the center.
the forcefields have a white inner glow now that can be changed.


I worked on the particle effects of the orb this week.
This uses 3 velocity axis to create a 3d circular motion.
This is done with sine lines. that folow a certain direction so the paricles always come back to the middle. and have a  nice flow.


I also did part of the visuals of the UI. the healthbar and the ammo bar.
and have some ideas for the menu.