New Spline Reset, Auto rotation, deathzone

Now that we have free movement in the “tunnel” I have made a “deathzone” where you gradually loze live untill you die, you can move away from the zone if you do not want to though. I have remade the automatic rotation so the plane looks at the next point on the spline. I have remade the spline reset so it now resets when it is about to go through a circle, this makes for a more fluid reset.



Speed and Shield

This week I kept myself busy with speed adjusting and a new pickup: a shield.

Made a formula so that speed goes up in relation to the time that you survived, it’s better than the linear function I had at first but it still doesn’t feel right, so I have some tinkering left to do over there.

I also added the rings that give you a boost when you go through them, it gives you a sudden speed increase and it suddenly disappears again after a set time, still wondering if I should make it gradually decrease or not, will have to discuss that with my teammates. You can see an example in the gif below.


The green Orb that you can see, acts like a score orb but instead of points it gives you a shield that disappears when you hit an obstacle.

New Spaceship model + unwrap, crosshair texture, laser texture test particles of the laser

                                              spacship design 03. this one will be used in the game and corresponds more to the styleguide than the others. it’s wide and flat.

so will be better to avoid the obstaclesspaceship design.jpg

the unwrap is done so we can put light information in our ship.  like the light streaks. 1.jpg

small crosshair for the target


laser texture + first test of some particles in the lasers.


Lazers, no move restriction, and better spline generation.

So I was a little silent last week, but this week it’s full force again, I have updated the spline generation so the values have more influence, and updated a bunch of variables to automatically work with the spline. I have made lazers, which are a representation of the field in which the player can move, once the player hits one of these they will get damaged and pushed back. As per request of the teachers movement restriction along the spline has now been removed.

The improved Spline:




Logo Design and Art Guide


We made a new banner and logo for our game. This week we focused on defining the style of the game, so that Jakob and I know perfectly how to model and texture our meshes with the same approach.


I made a moodboard that combines everything we would like our game to look like.


I also made an updated game screenshot.

More of our Art Guide files can be found in the PDF.