Added the new Obstacle: Grids.

They come in different kinds of shapes and they have a little mechanic. The big grids have an 80% change to spawn with a destroy orb, if you shoot that orb the corresponding lasers will be destroyed and make a bigger space to get through.

Also started on some UI for pickups but as you can see atm, I’m far from done and I also miss the sprites for it atm, still need to ask the artists for some good concepts.

Fixed a slight bug that when you died you could bug the game out with the esc key so that when you were dead you could actually still play.

Looked into the boxcollider problem where he sometimes does not register when you are moving too fast. Was planning to solve it with a characterController but that won’t be possible as I cannot get the right shape. So need to look into continuos collision detection or  raycasting.Grid_UIStart.gif


Working on environment

This week was a slow one, I worked a lot on other courses so I did not have the most time for this one. I started working on the environment terrain, making a script to load heightmaps to a terrain and making the terrain move along with the player I have a simple cityscape render, I still need to look into the heightmap making it procedural and such and having it change the terrain at runtime, now it just loads once and it finishes.

Example photo of the terrain with the heightmap that created it:


Targeting, setup for settings and a loading screen

This week I’ve spend my time working on making the aim function a bit more useful. Now, when you aim and hit a target with the aim lasers, you will target that item. There is a max angle of course, but this should give players an incentive to aim at targets before they shoot.

I also setup some of the basic settings like FOV and render distance, which will allow us to add those options in the main menu.

Finally, I added a loading screen between the main menu and the actual level!loadingScreen.gifFor the purposes of demonstration, I’ve manually made the loading screen longer.

Neon Textures and Loading screen

I finally realized how to make the obstacles fit in the style of the game and really give them a neon effect. So far I’ve noticed i can only texture transparant objects this way, but when applying this method to the ship, it has less great results.

Here i made a gridlike neon texture for an obstacle.

Screenshot (448)

We also wanted to show the controls when the game is loading, so i made two loading screens that will be implemented later:


controls loading menu

also working on a grid texture for the tunnel


Achievements! Gatter all ships!

Garage post-process update and texture of 1 spaceship. (Fight Cube).
Still have to change the color of the ship, but this was a test to get the neon feel in the ship. This can be changed easily in unity self.


This week I made 5unique low poly ships that fit the artguide and the style.
One of the ships is Textured. now I got used to the pen tool, It’s easy to texture the other ones. and I can get different pattern easily.


All of the spaceships got a hole in the ship, except for the base neolit ship. so you have to gather points to get the new, more designed ones.

5_Ships models.jpg

All modeled and unwrapped, so now it gets time to texture them!





Menu’s and Playerfeedback

So I implemented what I did last week into the game now. There seems something to be wrong though. The buttons only work if you use a controller at the moment so I need to fix that. And I still need to hook up the setting menu to actual game settings.

The garage and achievements still need to be done as well, but I didn’t do that atm as we do not have the code for those things yet.

I also made it a bit cooler, the ship now rotates and we can rotate it with the controller as well.Main_Menu_01.gif

I also when ahead and gave the player some feedback if he hits the edges: Sparks yay. Feel like the damage the player gets is too much so I might wanna tweak that a bit. Same for the particles, they might be revamped to make them more clear.


Also fixed a camera bug, if you went to the edge and still tried to go past it the camera would do what you asked and leave the ship behind, this has been solved as you can see in the gif above. Even if your ship is at the edge and you try to keep going the camera won’t follow and keep to the ship.

I also looked into adding more obstacles but got a bit bummed out when it wasn’t going as expected so you will have to look forward to that next week.

Seamless tunnel and starting on endscreen scoreboard

This week I was more invested in some other courses but I worked on making the tunnel we fly through a single mesh so we have no more seams in between the different tunnel compartments like we used to, I also started working on a Scoreboard, so I implemented some simple ui to have a username and end tally for the player. There is still some work on the tunnel and I have to look into the geometry shader for the environment, but that will be for next week. Below is an example of the generated tunnel mesh(at runtime).